Get to know me

I never thought one could get so much joy from spending time behind a camera.

My youth was filled with a number of point and shoot cameras including several hundred of the disposable sort. I purchased my first 'decent' point and shoot when I was a Senior is High School and was introduced to the SLR variety in 2004. I was hooked. After 15 years of learning and exploring cameras, I fell into this life full time. As a Canon and Sony photographer I see this industries competitive spirit every single day. Some people have a tool belt with wrenches and hammers. Mine is filled with cameras and lenses.

I always like taking pictures and never seemed to cut heads off like others, but it was never a thought about making it a career. I have done a lot of different projects and career starts, but nothing that impacts me like photography. There is something about light, shadows and colors that occupy my soul unlike anything else!